Cordyceps Mushroom Production & Cultivation Training

Learn about growing, harvesting, marketing, storage, pest and diseases and even ways of cooking and using Cordyceps militaris mushroom

Hello dear mushroom enthusiasts, there have been a lot of requests from you all regarding the training for learning the full process of Cordyceps militaris cultivation. But as you all are aware of the lockdown situation due to COVID-19, it is physically impossible for us to fulfill your requests. So, here we have come up with a solution and we are happy to announce an online training course covering all aspects of Cordyceps cultivation from culture preparation to packing. The layout of the training module can be seen below. We also hope to provide a lab visit and hands on experience of all the processes at our facility in Gwalior (M.P.) hopefully in Oct-Nov 2020 once the traveling and gathering restrictions due to COVID-19 eases out.

Training Name: MycoForest Cordyceps militaris cultivation and training programme

Training Duration: 8 Hours

Course Content:

  1. Overview of Cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms

    • History
    • Research
    • Benefits
    • Uses of Cordyceps
  2. Cordyceps militaris species

    • Classification
    • Strains
    • Bioactive components
    • Testing
  3. Laboratory and Incubation room (fruiting space) Design

    • Home setup -Low-tech cultivation methods
    • Medium Scale setup
    • Commercial /Large Scale setup
  4. Lab apparatus, tools & equipments required for cultivation and their use
  5. Cordyceps Culture and Spawn preparation

    • Agar media formulation and sterilization
    • Preparation of agar-culture plates and test tubes
    • Spawn (aka liquid culture: LC) media formulation and sterilization
  6. Substrate preparation

    • Substrate Nutrition (C:N ratio, O, K, S, P, Mg, Vitamins and trace elements)
    • Substrate Formulation (Substrate media recipe)
    • Substrate Sterilization
  7. Inoculation

    • Inoculating culture plates and test tubes
    • Inoculating culture plates with spores
    • Inoculating culture plates with fresh mushroom body (by cloning)
    • Inoculating culture plates with myceliated agar plates (recommended)
    • Inoculating spawn (or liquid culture) from myceliated agar plate
    • Inoculating sterilized substrate filled jars with spawn (aka spawning)
  8. Incubation/Fruiting

    • Humidity
    • Temperature
    • Lighting
    • Air exchanges
  9. Harvesting & Drying
  10. Packaging & Storage
  11. Value added products
  12. Marketing and Sales

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