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MycoForest is a gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation and distribution company

Established in 2018, MycoForest is a gourmet and medicinal mushroom cultivation and distribution company with the objective of bringing the myriad of nutritional, medicinal and philosophical benefits of this relatively unknown species to the people of this world. We currently grow high-quality Cordyceps militaris mushroom in a controlled atmosphere with a completely vegan process that uses brown rice, glucose, vegetable proteins & vitamins, etc.

We have built our first Cordyceps *militaris* mushroom lab in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. It has a capacity of producing up to 30 kg dried mushroom fruit bodies and other *mycelium* by-products per month. We maintain proper hygiene, cleanliness and follow all the standard food industry procedures during the whole process of mushroom cultivation i.e. substrate preparation, inoculation, incubation, harvesting, and packing.

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To become the first choice of everyone who is looking for the best quality Cordyceps products. Think Cordyceps, Think MycoForest.

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Our vision is to bring the myriad of nutritional, medicinal and philosophical benefits of incredible Kingdom of fungi and mushrooms to all the people of the world and beyond.

Our Story


Love for mother Earth & the passion to do something for the environment led Mr. Anurag Yadav (co-founder MycoForest) into the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) to pursue Environmental Engineering and Management. During his stay at IITK, he learned about the formation of the earth, its natural systems and origin of life which quickly expanded into a grave interest in life, evolution of species, ecology and environment. The idea of growing and working with fungi or mushrooms struck while he was working on an air pollution research project at Shiv Nadar University.

And after two years of research, training (at Directorate of Mushroom Research (DMR), Solan and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Gwalior), and practice in the field of mycology (the study of fungi), he together with his friend, co-founded MycoForest, mushroom cultivation and distribution firm which currently specializes in the cultivation of Cordyceps militaris medicinal mushrooms, with a completely vegan method using just brown rice and other nutrients that are derived from pure vegetarian sources.

Our Approach


    Our team of dedicated researchers and experts is involved in the scientific understanding of Cordyceps and other functional fungi. We continuously keep track of new mushroom species, new cultivation methods, new fungal compounds, and their evidence-based effect on different human health issues.


    We formulate the initiation of finalized strategies and adopt them as soon as possible so that we can produce the best quality mushrooms and deliver the best mushroom products to our consumers.


    Regular testing of our mushroom crop and mushroom products at third-party labs is fundamental to maintain the best quality of our products. We have employed a robust crop monitoring system at our facility along with a thorough lab testing protocol to understand and improve on the quality of our mushrooms.

Our Farm

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