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What is your best superfood?

We bring you the best superfood Cordyceps with 3 in 1 benefits.

  • Nutrition: Cordycepin, Adenosine, Anti-oxidants, Amino acids, Unsaturated fatty acids
  • Medicine: Anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-cancer activities
  • Energy: Treat fatigue, sickness, kidney disease and low sex drive

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Our Promises

As part of our high quality cordyceps, we'd like to offer something extra too.

  • Top Quality Cordyceps

    We use 100% Cordyceps fruit bodies in our products. Our Cordyceps have long stroma (6-7 cm) and high Cordycepin (>10) value.

  • Certified lab reports

    We test nutritional value of our produce at Certified Laboratories only.

  • All vegan material used

    Our Cordyceps are grown in a 100% vegan media comprised of brown rice and plant based nutrients.

  • Clean Lab Enviornment

    We maintain proper hygiene, cleanliness and follow standard food industry procedure during the whole process of mushroom cultivation i.e. substrate preparation, inoculation, incubation, harvesting and packing.

  • Strict Quality Standards

    Organic certified, Vegan ceritfied and FSSAI

  • 24x7 our cordyceps expert support

    Let our experts help you in choosing the best Cordyceps product according to your needs.

Mushroom Chart

Why our Cordyceps are so incredible

Mushroom Chart
  • Our mushrooms are grown in a controlled atmosphere through a meticulously derived self-developed cultivation process.

  • The carefully harveted fruit bodies are freeze dried to keep the essential compounds of Cordyceps mushrooms intact.

  • High quality of our Cordyceps is maintained by regularly measuring the concentration of essential compounds.

  • We use best management practices for our crop & Lab grade equpments to ensure every crop is best crop.

  • We achieve highest biological efficiency in our crop leading to long and strong orange color indicative of high Cordycepin and essential compounds.

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Mushroom Chart

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