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Our Promises

All Vegan Material Used

Our Cordyceps are grown in a 100% vegan media comprised of brown rice and plant-based nutrients.

Strict Quality Standards

FSSAI, Vegan, Gluten-free and No Added Fillers

High-Quality Cordyceps

We use best commercial strains of Cordyceps militaris to achieve better yield marked by deep orange color and tall fruit bodies

24x7 Cordyceps Expert Support

Let our experts help you in choosing the best Cordyceps product according to your needs.

Certified Lab Reports

We test the nutritional value of our Cordyceps at third-party Certified laboratories only for authenticity.

Clean Lab Enviornment

We maintain proper hygiene at our facility and work under strict food industry norms starting from inoculation to cultivation

Why so much hype about Cordyceps & other medicinal Mushrooms?

Blends with everything you eat and turns it into a superfood.

Full of unique powerful compounds not easily found in plant-based food sources.

Have shown successful adoption in other parts of the world at a very rapid time.

Backed by science to grow on a vegetarian substrate and proved to be medically safe to consume.

Free from pesticides, heavy metals and microbes due to aseptic growing conditions.

Research says mushrooms could be the answers to the biggest problems related to food, health, and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much Cordyceps to take daily?

    Mushrooms contain beta-glucans that are the most important medicinal compounds in the Cordyceps and other mushrooms. Research says that the average safe consumption of beta-glucans for a healthy individual (adult) is 100-200 mg/day regardless of weight and age. For a person suffering from any illness or chronic diseases like diabetes ,blood pressure, fatigue and cancer then he may take upto 400 mg beta-glucans for atleast a year for effects to appear properly.

    We mention percentage of beta-glucans in our products which varies with the form and batch of the product. So whenever you are buying mushroom based products, always check that the beta-glucans percentage being mentioned in the contents.

    So, how to calculate a daily dose for yourself? If a product mentions 25% beta glucans (1:1 hot water extract), then each gram of one serving will be having 250 mg beta-glucans apart from other specific compounds like triterpenes, ergosterols and cordycepin. Thus, one serving, or two half servings everyday will be enough to keep you away from diseases and provide a bullet proof immune system. And, if you are suffering from some illness or infections, then doubling the dose i.e. two full servings will be meaningful for you to boost or support your immune system to fight external and internal health problems.

    Note: These statements are not verified by the FDA and we do not claim that Cordyceps can cure, treat or prevent any disease.

  • Can I cure my diabetes with Cordyceps?

    The 1,3 beta-glucans with 1,6 side chains of different sizes have found to show hypoglycemic activity in one research, however, these facts are not yet verified by FDA or any other regulatory body. However, people do report some benefits such as reduced use of allopathic medications after taking Cordyceps. So, Cordyceps helps with maintaining the blood sugar levels and prevents damage to other organs such as kidneys from allopathic medicines for diabetes and therefore slowly decreases dependency on pharmaceutical tablets.

  • How to make an effective Cordyceps Tea?

    Cordyceps tea is similar to making Green tea. Follow the steps below

    1. Take six to eight Cordyceps fruit bodies in 200-250 ml potable water.
    2. Keep boiling Cordyceps bodies in water for 1 minute.
    3. Now, after one minute of the hard boil, put the flame at the lowest setting, cover the vessel with lid and let it simmer for another 14-15 minutes. Research says that preparing Cordyceps tea by this method takes out maximum water soluble components from Cordyceps into the water.
    4. Serve and drink your refreshing Cordyceps tea preferably after the meals.
    5. Fill the tea in your thermos bottle for later use. Keep the bodies. Eat the bodies. Or toss them into your meals or soups.
    6. Take Cordyceps tea twice a day for full effects.
  • How long does it take for Cordyceps mushrooms to work?

    There are a variety of medicinal compounds present in the Cordyceps which perform various different functions in the body depending on their absorption, bioavailability and decomposition. Cordycepin and adenosine which are mainly responsible for energy and performance starts acting as soon as you consume Cordyceps. However, the medicinal effects such as regulating cholesterol,blood pressure and sugar levels, etc. after two weeks of regular use as beta-glucans which are the main medicinal components takes at least three days to spread in every part of the body after consumption.

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