Best Quality Cordyceps Militaris

100% Safe
100% Natural
100% Pure

Why Cordyceps is your best superfood?

We bring you the best superfood Cordyceps with 3 in 1 benefits.



Anti-Fatigue Athletic Strength - Athletic Strength Increases Libido - Increases Libido



Cordycepin, Beta-glucans, Anti-oxidants, Vitamin B12, Adenosine etc.



Maintains Blood Sugar, Lowers Cholesterol, Fights Cancer Cells, & Support(s) Immune System.

Our Promises

All Vegan Material Used

Our Cordyceps are grown in a 100% vegan media comprised of brown rice and plant-based nutrients.

Strict Quality Standards

FSSAI, GMP, Gluten-Free, Vegan, No Added Fillers

High Quality Cordyceps

We use best commercial strains of Cordyceps militaris to achieve good Yield marked by deep orange color and tall fruit bodies

24x7 Cordyceps Expert Support

Let our experts help you in choosing the best Cordyceps product according to your needs.

Certified Lab Reports

We test the nutritional value of our Cordyceps at third-party Certified laboratories only for authenticity.

Clean Lab Enviornment

We maintain proper hygiene at our facility and work understrict food industry norms starting from inoculation to cultivation

Why so much hype about Cordyceps
& other medicinal Mushrooms?

Blends with everything you eat and turns it into a superfood.

Full of unique powerful compounds not easily found in plant-based food sources.

Have shown successful adoption in other parts of the world at a very rapid time.

Backed by science to grow on a vegetarian substrate and proved to be medically safe to consume.

Free from pesticides, heavy metals and microbes due to aseptic growing conditions.

Research says mushrooms could be the answers to the biggest problems related to food, health, and the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much cordyceps to take daily?

  • How to grow or grow Cordyceps mushrooms at home?

  • How do I need to store my products?

  • Is it flavored?

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