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Cordyceps Militaris Cultivation & Production Training

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This training program offers an expert and mature cultivation technology for growing Cordyceps militaris mushrooms in rather a short time. This training program will cover the basics of Cordyceps cultivation and its various protocols with a brief dive into the advanced understanding of mushrooms & fungi and their other industrial applications. The most important features regarding cultivation like Cordyceps growing method, tissue culture preparation (PDA), spawn preparation (PD), substrate preparation and jar inoculation, harvesting and storage will be explained with hands-on demo. Finally you’ll be taught how to set up a low tech cordyceps farm at your home with minimum investment.

What You Will Learn

After the successful completion of this training program, participants will have a depth of understanding of:

  • Knowledge of Cordyceps fungi cultivation and its laboratory setup.
  • Difference between Cordyceps Sinensis & Cordyceps militaris and their historical use and health benefits.
  • In depth knowledge of Cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms business marketplace.
  • Principle & operation of a mushrooms farm machinery & equipment.
  • Full Cordyceps Cultivation Process: Cordyceps Nutrition, Spawn, Inoculation, Incubation, Harvesting & Drying.
  • Knowledge of Mushroom Nutrition: C:N ratio, Glucose, Poteins, Trace salts and elements.
  • Preparing Culturing Plates (PDA method), Liquid Culture (LC) & (Spawn or PD).


No previous knowledge of mushrooms and biological education background is required. Anybody can learn mushroom cultivation from scratch.

Course Content

  • Introduction to Angular.JS

    * How Angular.js is opinionated * Difference between Backbone.js and Angular.js
  • Angular.js Building Blocks

    * Controller Component * Model Component * View Component * Directives * Filters * Services * DI in Angular.js

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the instructor for this training?

    The trainer for this Angular.JS Training has extensive experience in this domain, including years of experience training & mentoring professionals.

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