8 Benefits of Cordyceps That Will Make You Include Cordyceps in Your Daily Lifestyle

February 26, 2020


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Species of Cordyceps are widely researched due to the endless list of medicinal and biological benefits exerted by its components along with its documented use in history in materia medica and Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM). The main benefits of Cordyceps have been known in old medicine for curing respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchial cases, as well as for providing the body with energy and for boosting sexual power.

However, modern research now confirms the efficiency of Cordyceps in many other body functions. One of the breakthroughs of modern research has been the discovery of cordycepin and beta-glucans, which are the main active components present in Cordyceps and many other medicinal mushrooms. Glucans are part of a group of biologically active natural molecules that help anyone who wishes to be safer, live longer, cope with the pressures of modern society, be less resistant, promote regeneration, and avoid harmful pathogens, bugs, and viruses who are already becoming more resilient to modern antibiotics and vaccines.

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Cordycepin and beta-glucans can be inferred as the bio-machines that can fix all human body problems by enhancing your immune system. The research says that there are up to 35% beta-glucans and 1.5% Cordycepin in lab-grown Cordyceps militaris mushrooms. (1) In this article, you will learn about the eight top benefits of Cordyceps (militaris) mushrooms and why Cordyceps is considered as the holy grail of medicinal benefits among other medicinal species of mushrooms and herbs.

To get out the maximum benefits of Cordyceps, you really need to know different ways to take Cordyceps, which method is suitable for you and how often you need to take them to keep yourself young and energetic. Read our article “Top 5 most effective ways to take Cordyceps mushrooms”.

Top 8 benefits of Cordyceps militaris

Bio-active Compounds: Cordycepin (3’-deoxyadenosine), adenosine, polysaccharide, d-mannitol, trehalose, polyunsaturated fatty acids, cordycepic acid, and β-(1→3)-D-glucan, ergosterols, exopolysaccharides and many more.

1. Cordyceps can be seen as a non-allopathic Cancer solution

The Cordycepin and β-(1→3)-D-glucan present in Cordyceps species have been researched heavily for their effectiveness in killing or preventing cancer cells from faster proliferation and spreading in the body.

Many animal studies and in-vitro (in lab) trials have confirmed the role of Cordyceps in activating immune system cells like NK-cells, B-cells, T-cells, and macrophages, which counteract cancer cells from spreading easily by bypassing the immune system.

"Taking Cordyceps and other mushrooms can be seen as preventive measures taken in the form of food to avoid or decrease the chances of developing cancer in your lifetime"

Also, many FDA approved beta-glucans extracted from Cordyceps militaris and other medicinal mushrooms in pure form are used with other medications in post-chemotherapy treatment to help the rejuvenation of damaged cells in the body due to chemotherapy. It is also claimed that beta-glucans can stop cancer from metastasis i.e. spreading of cancer in other parts of the body through the blood.

2. Cordyceps for your Cholesterol and Heart health

Cordyceps in the research has clearly shown to reduce the absorption of cholesterol from the food in the body. Cordyceps has been associated with a reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride and an increase in the ratio of high-density lipoprotein to LDL cholesterol.

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It also helps in better circulation of blood in the heart and body due to its blood-thinning capabilities but should be avoided when on blood thinning agents during surgeries.

People suffering from heart issues get significantly benefited by regular use of up to 200 mg beta-glucans by consuming Cordyceps and other medicinal mushrooms.

3. Cordyceps helps to regulate blood sugar levels

For diabetics, the body has trouble making or using insulin, which results in excess sugar in the blood. That excess blood sugar can cause significant health problems. Cordyceps militaris in this study have found to show hypoglycemic activity, but these facts are not yet verified by the FDA or any other regulatory body. However, people do report some benefits such as reduced use of allopathic medications after taking Cordyceps.

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So, Cordyceps helps with maintaining the blood sugar levels and prevents damage to other organs such as kidneys from allopathic medicines for diabetes and therefore slowly decreases dependency allopathic tablets.

4. Cordyceps may support the liver and other organs

Cordyceps militaris can exert protective effects against the development of Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), partly by reducing (down-regulating) inflammatory cytokines and improving hepatic antioxidant status in mice. On the other hand, daily consumption of Cordyceps improved liver functions in patients suffering from post hepatic cirrhosis.

"Thus Cordyceps allow greater integration of the liver and brain metabolism of amino acids and carbohydrates"

5. Cordyceps may reduce fatigue & stress and improve sleep cycle

Cordyceps has been used for centuries as a remedy for weakness and fatigue by residents living in the high mountains of Tibet to give them energy which is achieved by increasing cellular ATP. Nowadays, Cordyceps is used by athletes to fight fatigue and weakness and to increase endurance and improve energy levels. Additionally, the results of clinical trials involving elderly patients with chronic fatigue indicated that treatment with C. militaris resulted in the improvement of fatigue, increasing cold intolerance.

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"Many people reported having felt lighter mood and hence improved the sleep cycle after taking Cordyceps"

All the above claims have not been verified by the FDA. However, a good lot of clinical research involving even humans in some studies and also empirical knowledge from long traditional use in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) give enough reason to try and believe in the therapeutic healing of these mushrooms.

6. Cordyceps for fertility and performance

Cordyceps has been used in traditional medicine for decades to improve fertility in men. However, the wild species i.e. Cordyceps sinensis was mostly believed to have a positive effect on sperm motility, morphology, productivity, and enhancement of sexual activity. Cordyceps can also rejuvenate your uterus and support 'active and potent' libido in women.

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"Cordyceps works as an aphrodisiac for both women and men and also enhances mood"

Therefore, the scientists also looked at the role of cordycepin extracted from Cordyceps militaris for its effects in animal models such as mice and boars that have shown promising results in terms of its activity as an aphrodisiac and on sexual function, sperm production (amount and quality) properties.

7. Cordyceps has strong anti-inflammatory actions

Cordyceps contains beta-glucans that have specifically shown to regulate cytokines (biological enzymes in the body) that are responsible for immune system response. Unwanted pain caused by auto-immune responses has been significantly reduced by using Cordyceps tinctures and fruiting bodies of Cordyceps militaris daily.

"The fact that Cordyceps is so versatile is amazing because it is so versatile. The simple first thing to note is that there are over 600 different types of Cordyceps"

8. Cordyceps contains antioxidants and may also slow down aging

Cordyceps militaris extracts protect against oxidative-damage to cells by neutralizing free radicals biologically. Cordyceps militaris contain 1,3-1,6 beta-glucans known for their potent antioxidant and anti-aging properties that have enabled its use in other successful food supplements and cosmetics.

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"Cordyceps can be described as one of the most effective anti-aging "species"which has been shown to halt the aging process"

Cordycepin is a giant DNA repair enzyme that can bring on powerful, long-lasting youthful tissue repair. Countries like Japan use Cordyceps derived cosmetics to help them keep their skin sleek and firm.

How to Use Cordyceps Mushroom Daily

Now that you're familiar with all the amazing benefits of Cordyceps, maybe you're curious how to take it with you!

Based on your preferences, there are a few choices. My ideal way of taking any medicinal mushroom is as an ingredient in a soothing elixir like this one. Typically, you will find a powdered extract that quickly dissolves into liquid, enabling you to be innovative with how you drink it every day.

Another great option is to pick up a Cordyceps Tea that includes a combination of various types of mushroom and herbal ingredients so you get a full range of health benefits.

Precautions and Contraindications of Cordyceps Mushroom

Because studies on pregnant or breast-feeding women are lacking, it is always best to check with your doctor or other health care professional before taking a powerful herbal medicine like Cordyceps.

You have also seen the strong impact cordyceps mushroom can have on the immune system, so if you have an autoimmune disease and take medication for it, make sure that you talk to your doctor before adding Cordyceps into your routine.

Otherwise, for most cultures, this mushroom has been shown to be very healthy. So if you're speaking to your trusted physician about any of the aforementioned concerns to see if medicinal mushrooms are right for you!

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