Cure Diabetes With The Magic of Cordyceps

November 04, 2020


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What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a parasitic fungus found in the mountainous regions of China. The word cordyceps comes from the Latin word meaning club and head. It is related to the mushroom family and is harvested from April to August. It typically infects the larvae of insects and each species of cordyceps infects a different specific species of bug. The infection begins when the spores of the fungi land on the caterpillar.

Then the spores will penetrate the insect and germinate and small thread-like filaments will sprout from the insect”s head and turn into mycelium. The mycelium will continue to grow inside the insect and consume it fully. Once the insect is fully consumed a blade-like fruiting structure will grow from the insect's head and produce spores and the cycle will begin again.

The dried out shell of the insect along with the fungus is then used to create the medicine to control blood sugar. Scientific proof of the effects of the Cordyceps mushroom seem to be quite promising and coincide with traditional practices in Sikkim and other parts of India, China, Nepal and Bhutan.

The Cordyceps mushroom has potent antioxidant properties. Many natural products have been identified from the fruiting bodies and cultured mycelium of cordyceps and related species. The major chemical constituent is cordycepic acid with other amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Cordyceps raw and in powder form

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Types of diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce insulin which keeps blood sugar level under control.

There are three main types of diabetes - Type1, Type 2, and Gestational diabetes. In type 1 diabetes the body is able to produce only very little insulin and you may require insulin injections to keep blood glucose levels under control. It occurs most frequently in children and adolescents.

Type 2 diabetes is more common in adults. In this type, the body does not make good use of the insulin it produces. It accounts for 90% of diabetes cases.

Gestational diabetes consists of high blood glucose levels in pregnant women and disappears once pregnancy is over. But both mother and child are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes later on in life.

Person checking blood sugar level

Available present care for diabetes

In the present day, the treatment for diabetes consists of medication, diet, and insulin. The major concern in the treatment of diabetes is to keep the blood sugar levels within the normal range with minimum fluctuations to low or higher levels.

In type 1 diabetes the treatment is with insulin, exercise, and a type 1 diabetes diet. In type 1 diabetes the pancreas can no longer release insulin. The resulting high blood sugar leads to complications of kidney, nerve, and eye damage. It also leads to cardiovascular disease.

The impact of food on blood sugar is measured by the glycemic index parameter. Diabetic people should partake in foods with a low glycemic index. Type 2 diabetes can be managed with non-insulin medications, insulin, weight reduction, and dietary changes. A pancreas transplant is also an active area of study for the treatment of diabetes.

Glucometer to measure blood sugar

How cordyceps can cure diabetes?

Cordyceps is of high medicinal benefit as it contains a unique type of sugar that may help to combat diabetes. Cordyceps has been proven to be most effective against type 2 diabetes.

Cordyceps keeps the blood sugar levels within a healthy range by mimicking the action of insulin. Insulin as we know is the transporter hormone that transports the sugar glucose from the blood to the cells to produce energy. Without this action the glucose sugar stays in the blood and is the cause of diabetes.therefore it is important for people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar levels under control.

Cordyceps have been shown to reduce sugar levels in the blood by mimicking the action of insulin. In several studies in diabetic mice, the cordyceps have been shown to have decreased blood sugar levels.

 Cordyceps Image

What kind of diabetes is cordyceps most effective against?

Cordyceps is most effective against type 2 diabetes. It keeps the blood sugar levels within a healthy range by mimicking the action of insulin. It also prevents kidney disease, a common complication of diabetes.

Medicinal benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps kept in stainless steel

It has increased exercise performance in healthy older patients and improved their respiratory and metabolic functions. Its antioxidant and adaptogen effects give support to athletes during and after their performance.

  1. Cordyceps has anti-inflammatory properties. Age-related inflammation to the cells and mitochondria can be helped and influenced by the oxygen delivery at a cellular level initiated by the cordyceps fungi.
  2. Cordyceps supplements have been used to increase libido and increase sexual performance. Studies have shown that patients with low libido had a 64% increase when treated with cordyceps.
  3. It increases levels of testosterone and is used by athletes to improve performance.
  4. Cordyceps has been shown to decrease LDL levels. It protects heart health due to its property of activating adenosine receptors and its antioxidant properties. Cordyceps is used in China to treat heart rhythm disorders.
  5. Cordyceps is considered a stimulating adaptogen, meaning it is more energizing and anabolic compared to other adaptogens that are more neutral, calming, or restorative.

How to take cordyceps?

The easiest way to take advantage of the health benefits of cordyceps is to take its extract in capsule or powder form. The cell wall of mushrooms is made up of chitin which is similar to crab shells. the extraction of mushrooms will break down the chitin and allow our body to have better access to its active constituents.

Precautions to be taken while taking it?

Cordyceps is generally a well-tolerated supplement with limited side effects. However, you have to take certain precautions while taking it.

  • Cordyceps should be taken by mouth and should be used for short-term therapy.
  • If the patient is pregnant or breastfeeding then stay on the safe side and avoid use.
  • If someone has an autoimmune disease like multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, then taking cordyceps may trigger the immune system to become more active. Thus avoid cordyceps if you have these conditions.
  • Cordyceps might increase the risk of bleeding in people with bleeding disorders.
  • Do not take cordyceps with immunosuppressants, anticoagulants, prednisolone, and testosterone.
  • It can be allergic also. A four-year-old boy developed red papules all over his body accompanied by serious pruritus, half an hour after taking the medication for two consecutive days. This resulted in the medication being stopped. Children are thus advised high caution on taking cordyceps.


A traditional Chinese medicine; cordyceps has been used for centuries to treat many health ailments.tests on animals have shown that cordyceps fights aging, inflammation, cancer, and diabetes. However, there have been studies conducted on humans to gauge its benefit on exercise performance. The fungi have been found to boost energy and oxygen during exercise.

It is considered an important treatment for improving kidney and liver function and also for modulating the immune system. You can look for an increase in vigor and vitality when looking at the traditional applications of cordyceps. It is a secret tonic known to strengthen, rebuild, and energize the body and mind.

However, cordyceps is a very rare mushroom and its natural variety is very expensive. In order to meet the market demand, the search for commercially viable cultivation methods is continuously being researched.

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